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St Andrews in Scotland is considered to be the true home of golf. It is at St Andrews, at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, where the rules of the game of golf are administered for the world (except for North America), and it is also the home of the oldest golf course in the world. St Andrews has six seperate golf courses, the Old, New, Jubilee, Eden, Strathtyrum, and Balgrove. (Balgrove is a nine hole course). The big attraction is the Old course, the most famous links course in the world.
St Andrews

Golf started at the Old course some 600 years ago in the 1400's, and the golf course was not designed by a single course builder, but has been reworked over the years by many different people. The golf course is now reknowned for its bunkers, some of the most famous bunkers in the world, and it double greens (outward and inward greens attached), that can leave you a very long putt on the green. The lure of the Old course and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club is both tempting and understandable for all golf enthusiests. It is truely the classic golf course.

St Andrews is a fairly old Cathederal Town, with charming old Scottish architecture, and the nice friendly feel of a university town (which it is). The golf courses are located right on the edge of town. The golfing season in St Andrews lasts from April through till November. Because of the popularity of the Old course, there are restrictions on being able to play the course. The basics of getting a game on the old course are to either, apply in writing the year before for a tee-off spot, or enter the ballot on the day before and take your chances at getting on. About half the tee off times are kept for the ballot. The popularity of the Old course does neccessitate these style measures.

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