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On the coast of South Carolina (and up into North Carolina) lies the Grand Strand. This sixty mile long crescent beach is host to more than one hundred odd golf courses. On the grand strand somewhere near the middle Myrtle Beach City is located, and it is Myrtle Beach that is the hub of activity for this amazing area. This area has now become the second most popular destination for vacations within the US.

Myrtle Beach offers all the attractions for a good vacation, the atlantic ocean, night life (shows, music, thousands of restaurants), amusement parks for the kids, national parks, resorts and hotel accommodation for every budget. But more importantly if offers a vast array of golf courses on which to play. Golf courses for all tastes, built by the master golf course designers, and for all budgets can be found along the strand.

South Carolina - Myrtle Beach Accommodation can be selected and golf courses on which to play can also be selected and booked. The current downside problems of Myrtle beach is that because the area has had such and explosion of growth and popularity over recent times, that traffic congestion can be quite bad. (i.e. you can no longer wander all over the strand in a single day like you use to be able too). Even so, Myrtle Beach still rates as one of the worlds great golfing destinations.

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