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Las Vegas receives some 30 million visitors per year. They come to to visit the casinos, see shows, dine in great restaurants, or do any one of many available activities. One of the activities that some 600,000 visitors partake in is a game of golf. Las Vegas boasts more than 60 golf courses, with many designed by the greats such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tom Fazio, Rees Jones amongst just a few. The attraction of Las Vegas as a prime tourist destination has also seen Las Vegas become a prime golf vacation destination.

Las Vegas Nevada Las Vegas receives more than 320 days of sunshine per year, very low rainfall, and has pretty much a year round golfing season. The sixty plus golf courses available comprise a mix of public courses, resort and semi-private courses, and private courses. The range of affordability can vary from $27 to $500. Golf in Las Vegas is not the cheapest place, but it does have a large variety and range of courses such that you are bound to find something to suit. In addition to the golf courses in Las Vegas there are also quite a few other courses within a reasonable distance around the south part of Nevada.

Las Vegas offers many options for a vacation, as it is a place where lots of activities can be found for the non golfer. Amongst the tourist attractions available are, a visit to the Grand Canyon, a visit to the famous Death Valley (one of the driest, hottest and most colorful places in the western hemisphere), a visit to the famous area 51, or river rafting on the colorado river, etc.... Las Vegas has something to offer everybody while on vacation.

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