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"It is a swing, not a hit"   - Harold Hutchinson (1891)

Although said many years ago, this fundamental idiom still holds true in golf today. To this end, practise is the best performance improver there is. Do better golf clubs or improved golf equipment make a difference? Well, that all depends on whom you speak to, a golf clubs manufacturer will say the right equipment makes a big difference. The right golf equipment is really very dependant on the actual golfer (manufacturers know this and design different golf equipment for different needs).

When you choose your equipment, golf clubs etc..., it is definitely advantageous to know about your own golf game, whether you are tall, strong Big bonus for new players at karamba (long hitter), hooker or slicer, all these things can influence which golf clubs are the best for you. Spend some time honestly working out these aspects of your game, and then read what the manufacturers say about their golf equipment before buying your golf clubs.

Top Brands :- Titleist   Taylor Made   Adams Golf   Ben Hogan   Maxfli   Tommy Armour
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Golfer Trivia

The original golf balls have undergone many changes since the begining of the game where wooden balls or stones were used. One of the earliest golf balls, which lastest several hundred years, was the feathery ( a stitched leather ball stuffed with boiled goose feathers). The feathery performed poorly when wet and tended to split if incorrectly struck. Due to the large expense of making the feathery, as they were hand made, the game expanded slowly until the feathery was replaced by the gutty. The gutty or gutta percha ball was made from sap of the gutta tree found in the tropics. Because the gutty was both more durable and mass produced, the cost of the balls came down and ushered a new period of expansion in the games popularity.

It may be of a surprise to find out that many of the early golf clubs were made by bow and arrow makers, as the skill of working with an arrow shaft and the shafts of golf clubs seem to a good multi skilling option.